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Piano Movers

Finding Professional Movers to Transport Your Piano

When searching for piano movers, you should always take the initiative in inquiring about what type of equipment they use, their experience with your particular piano, and whether or not they're properly insured. A precautionary note, the type of insurance a piano moving company claims to have is of incredible importance, make certain that they have "accidental" coverage, not "self insured" or "value". "Self insured" simply means that the company will pay you directly from their own funds should an accident occur, essentially meaningless if you own an expensive piano. "Value" insurance entails that the piano moving company is only liable to pay a ratio by weight. This means that if a piano valued in the thousands sustained any damages, the movers would only pay a few hundred depending on the instrument's weight.

Also, some essential equipment your piano movers should have on hand include, dollies, moving pads, a floor jack, ramps, a skid board (also known as a piano board) and cinder blocks. You can also check your local listings or search online for piano movers operating in or around your area and start your inquiries from there. If you live close to an instrument retail store, donít hesitate to ask for a referral.

Your work isn't over once you've decided to hire your piano movers however; you'll still need to prepare your piano for lifting and shipment. The first task at hand is properly protecting your piano from any possible damage it may sustain as it is being moved say through door and down hallways. Moving pads and blankets can provide the necessary protection you're looking for. Also, make sure you close and lock the piano's lid. If your piano is on casters, it'll make the task of moving substantially easier. If your spinet, console, or grand piano doesn't have casters, it will require more work for you and your movers. You'll need to detach the legs of your grand piano. Identify how the legs are attached to the base, which may require removing wooden pieces or screws.

You should also map out the route your piano will take prior to the movers arriving. Clear the path by removing any furniture or items that may block the way or impede the movers' progress. Keep in mind that the more preparation you take with your piano, the smoother and simpler the moving process. Be sure to inform your piano movers if you live in a high rise apartment. If your building does not have an elevator, your piano may have to be removed by crane through the balcony.