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Moving Pods

Moving pods or portable storage units

Moving pods have steadily increased in popularity since its inception into the moving industry, so much so that many full service moving companies offer portable storage units as an option. The convenience of the service is arguably the most attractive feature this moving service has to offer. Customers can usually book their storage units a few days to two weeks before they're needed, and moving containers are typically available year round. In addition to the flexible scheduling and reliable delivery service, moving pod providers also offer temporary and long-term storage options. But, like any other moving service, finding a storage unit provider requires some research on your part. Here are a few tips to help you with your selection.

Service AreaWhen you're considering different storage unit providers, one of the key features you should look into is the provider's service area. Companies that specifically offer moving pods and containers typically operate within their service area. So, the size of the area determines how many cities and destinations the provider actually services. If you live in a town or intend to move to a town that isn't in a given provider's service area, they may not deliver your belongings. That said, be sure to check and see if your point of origin and intended destination fall within a moving company's service area.

Different PodsYour moving pods will vary in size and durability from provider to provider. Depending on the weather conditions and locations, you may want to rent moving pods that are weather proofed. It's essential for you to inquire about the exact dimensions of a provider's moving pod selection to see if you'll be able to fit all of your items inside. If you live in a larger household, the largest moving pod available may not be enough to fit all of your furniture and belongings. You may have to consider renting multiple moving pods, in which case you may have to see whether or not you'll need zone clearances.

Storage PurposesCustomers have chosen to use moving pods strictly for storage. The advantages are obvious; if you intend on retrieving your items on a later date, you can simply have your moving pods delivered to your new home when you need them. Keep in mind that some storage unit providers may tack on additional charges to your storage rates, typically the services a storage facility offers, such as security and temperature control.